May 1, 2020

Check Out Our New Logo!

Check out our new logo and it's meaning . . .

The three T's in the center  connect us to our Mother Foundress, Mother Maria Hyacintha Zechner. In the beginning years of the Congregation (early 1700's), the Sisters marked special things with the T's to honor Mother Hyacintha's own mother - Theresia Triebenbacher, Tertiary (tertiary meant that she belonged to the 3rd Order of St. Francis).

The T's also represent the Franciscan tau. We strive to live the Franciscan spirit and to allow the Gospel to transform our hearts.

The book represents our love for and commitment to the Gospels, The catechism we live and teach, the rule of St. Francis, and the many books used in evangelization.

"School Sisters of St. Francis" is our short name that we have used for decades. We are strongly considering updating our name to be the "Franciscan Sisters of Christ the Light". We are Franciscan Sisters first with the desire to bring the Light of Christ to all we can, through encounter, prayers, and love. "Christ the Light" was chosen because we were founded on bringing light to people's lives through the Gospels and other aspects of the Franciscan life. Today we also enjoy helping souls find a deeper meaning in their lives through the beauty of the Theology of the Body and Healing.

We want to be the Face of Christ Today to everyone we know and meet and can touch through Divine Providence. We want to Become the Gospel through transformation of our hearts and lives. This is the Franciscan spirit.

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